Oracle Card Readings

with Jennifer Rose

Oracle Cards

An oracle can be defined as any method of “divination”. If you go back to mythology, oracles foretold the future and did it in a very vague, allegorical way. Oracle cards are pieces of paper that are used to figure something out, answer questions, and gain insight or knowledge.

I use oracle cards as a means to connect to my intuition. They are designed to help us to stay curious, be open, and welcome guidance from within (and without) so that we become better people, have better experiences, and live more meaningfully. I approach my cards this way, they are practical and magical. Oracle cards help us to understand our present selves and circumstances a little better so we can take steps forward and co-create the future we want.   

oracle card reading

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

30-minute phone or video call: $45

Includes a follow-up email with images of your cards.

An intuitive oracle card reading provides insight through Spirit. I will draw 1-3 cards from one or two decks I select intuitively, and images of the cards will be emailed to you after your reading. Sometimes one card is all you need. Sometimes more clarity is necessary. If you don’t have a specific question, this reading can also be used as general guidance for something you need to work on right now. This session can be done via video or phone call, whichever you prefer. I look forward to assisting you!

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