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Are You Tired of Struggling with Chronic Health Issues?

Are you dealing with symptoms like chronic fatigue, brain fog, persistent pain, or digestive issues?

You might have journeyed from one doctor to another, gaining some insights and starting treatments that offered only slight relief. Yet, you still find yourself feeling exhausted, stressed, inflamed, and far from your best self.

You may have experienced tests that return “normal” results and heard from practitioners that there isn’t much more they can do—advising you to return only if things worsen or suggesting you simply manage your stress better.

Perhaps you’ve explored how diet and lifestyle adjustments can alleviate your symptoms, or you’ve experimented with restrictive diets. Maybe you felt wonderful initially, but then life got in the way. When you deviated from these strict regimens, the symptoms returned, leaving you feeling like you’re back to square one—defeated, lacking the knowledge, willpower, or energy to figure out what to do next.

I’ve been down this path myself.

There’s an abundance of conflicting information about how diet and lifestyle impact our well-being. It can be overwhelming to decipher what will help and what won’t, especially when you’ve invested in costly pills and supplements that ultimately fall short. We are all unique in our biology, and what heals one person might harm another.

Health coaching is an essential extension of the healthcare system. As a holistic health coach, I focus on identifying underlying issues, implementing effective strategies, and evaluating outcomes together. Managing chronic health challenges requires a comprehensive approach—this includes working alongside your healthcare provider, following medical advice, and concentrating on key areas like nutrition, environmental toxins, sleep, and stress management. I will serve as your accountability coach, offering resources, and most importantly, creating and holding a supportive space for you.

What Is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes.  Instead of prescribing one diet or way of exercising, Health Coaches tailor individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs.

-Institute Of Integrative Nutrition

My Pledge To You

I am 100% dedicated and committed to your success and I will go the extra mile to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

This one-time investment you make will change your life!

Why Work With a Health Coach?

Health Coaching is a one-on-one consulting service in which a certified health coach provides customized, tactical support to help you achieve your health goals.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, manage a new health condition, resolve digestive discomfort, or create new health habits, health coaches create individualized programs tailored to your needs and provide practical, strategic advice and accountability.

A Health Coach is not a Nutritionist or Doctor.  Health Coaches do not diagnose.  The role of the Health Coach is to make recommendations to improve overall wellness based on the current actions and behaviors of the client.  We play a support role in your personal journey to wellness.  Please message me with any questions you may have about Health Coaching.

How does it work?

Through private one-on-one coaching sessions, we work together to:

  • Identify food sensitivities that contribute to your symptoms;
  • Emphasize a diet based on whole foods tailored to your needs;
  • Enhance your overall digestive health (which is crucial!);
  • Recommend suitable supplements;
  • Implement mind-body practices to understand how stress impacts your well-being;
  • Establish healthy sleep patterns;
  • Encourage regular movement and exercise;
  • Focus on proper hydration, as not all water sources are created equal;
  • Detoxify your body, as environmental and dietary toxins can impede healing.

Our medical system excels at addressing acute issues such as infections, broken bones, and trauma, where immediate interventions and medications can resolve problems quickly. However, the challenge arises when these “quick fixes” are applied to manage chronic conditions and digestive health issues.

There is no universal solution in health and wellness—each person’s path to vitality is unique.


The Benefits of Health Coaching

A coach gives you the space to realize the progress you are making and how far you have come. Sometimes it is hard to see subtle changes in the busyness of life. The changes clients make are sustainable. Some of the benefits of working with a health coach are:

  • Increased energy;
  • Reduced inflammation and pain levels;
  • Better digestion;
  • Better sleep;
  • Improved outlook on life;
  • Weight Loss;
  • Reduction in sick days or return to work;
  • Improved physical performance and greater participation in life.

Together, we will create a plan of action tailored specifically for you. Even if we shared the same health challenges, our paths to wellness could be entirely different. I believe in whole-person health, especially when addressing chronic health conditions. Why? Because I have navigated my own health journey for over 20 years. I invite you to envision what is possible for your health and assure you that no matter where you are at, it is possible to live a vibrant life not controlled by illness.

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