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How to Burn Fat by Eating Every 3 Hours

How to Burn Fat by Eating Every 3 Hours

PFC is an acronym that stands for Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates. It is the best way to turn your body into a FAT BURNING machine. Nourishing your body with the right portions and proportions of P, F and C every 3 hours supports stabilized blood sugar, increased energy, improved mood, and balanced hormones. Eating real, natural foods supports gut health and your immune system. Eating PFC is for people of every age and activity level.

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It was January 2000.  I was 30 years old and about to turn 31.  It was Y2K, I had quit smoking, lost a bunch of weight, and was just married.  My new husband had received a proposal from a job he had applied for out of state.  He took the offer and a month later off...

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